1 Feb


No matter how you voted in the “in or out referendum” everyone is interested in how the final outcome has affected the housing market so far and what will happen in the future.

The effect in this area appears so far to have been minimal.  It seems that sellers and buyers have decided to keep calm and carry on.

The negotiations between Britain and the EU are, as everybody expected, protracted, tortuous and at times fractious.  But the United Kingdom has seen many readjustments over the ages to its constitution, trading arrangements and relations with its neighbouring countries.  With true British spirit the general public are not waiting for the outcome of our agreements with the EU to be completed and instead are buying and selling regardless.

Last year was much improved on 2016, which was undoubtedly affected by the General Election.  We expect 2018 to be a steady year for property transactions.  Property is still of course the best long term investment in terms of risk and return and the aspiration of owning ones’ own home is firmly entrenched in our society.  This is encouraging for home owners that are considering selling this year

So if you are thinking of selling, but have been concerned about the possible ramifications of Brexit, don’t worry.  Make sure you give us a call.  With our many years of experience in all types of market conditions we are very well placed to guide our clients through property transactions and ensure the optimum price is achieved.

Also, we do not charge an upfront listing fee and then leave you to it.  Our charge is only made on results, when we deliver a successful conclusion.  I expect you, like us, wished that service providers in other industries operated in the same way!

Thinking of selling?  Contact us on 01803 865116 or email chrisshaw@michelmorehughes.co.uk to discuss what we can do for you.

You have the property, we have the solution!

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